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Focus Home Interactive and DONTNOD Entertainment release the launch trailer for the gritty action RPG Vampyr.

In Vampyr the player is dr. Jonathan Reid on the way, a famous surgeon who comes back to his native London after the end of the Great War. As a man of logic and science, Reid turns the world upside down as he enters a world of mysteries and monsters. Meanwhile, the population of London is struggling with terrible diseases and Dr. Reid could be the last hope of the city.


The trailer gives once again an insight into the game world. Vampyr will be released on June 5, 2018 for PlayStation®4, Xbox One, Microsoft's all-in-one entertainment system and PC.

Every citizen in the world of vampires is connected to a social network, and the destiny of each person will affect that of others, and thus the story told. Every resident of the city has his own story, his own life and responsibilities, and it is Reid's decision to judge each and every one of them. As a vampire, Reid can evolve the fastest by drinking the blood of the living. Vampyr is not about killing, but about who to kill. Deadly desires are a constant companion of Reid, and every inhabitant of the city is an attractive source of power ... but never without consequences.

Each of the four areas in the game is linked to a health indicator, which is made up of the number of living, dead, and sick residents. With the manufactured medicine and the vampirism selection an area can become healthier. If health is too low, supernatural creatures will spread in the districts, thus losing every task, trader and citizen that could be found there. If any area falls in London, the game can still be ended, but the player will have to live with the consequences.

The actions of the player will save London or lead into darkness.

About vampires

Vampyr is a dark, atmospheric action RPG from the creators of Remember Me and Life is Strange who use the Unreal Engine 4.

In the early 20th century in Britain, the Spanish flu is rampant. The streets of London are characterized by disease, violence and fear. In this ghost town, those who are stupid or desperate enough to roam the streets become the prey of Britain's most deceptive hunters: the vampires. Out of the chaos a tortured figure rises and awakens. The player himself determines how to use his new powers by specializing in a variety of skill trees that change the way he plays. As a doctor who has just been turned into a vampire, one tries to understand his new condition.

While clinging to what is left of one's own humanity, one's own decisions will influence the fate of the character while seeking answers to the after-effects of the Spanish flu.


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